Have a romantic & unforgettable cinematic documentation of your wedding!

There's not a whole lot of difference in the factors which would lead you to choose a videographer and a photographer. However, the finished product you will receive is quite different, so you will want to center your search around finding a style that best suits what you enjoy watching.

Settle on a style first.

Do you find yourself watching dramatic Hollywood movies much more than anything else? If so, you will probably enjoy a more dramatic style when viewing your wedding day movie. If you happen to be more of a documentary type fan, there are definitely videographers out there who provide this style of movie making. A documentary style will provide a chronological recollection without a lot of special effects or dramatic angles.

If you want a quality video, spend quality time finding one.

You are spending good money getting your wedding movie recorded, edited, and delivered to you. There's no doubt that you will want to take your search seriously! First order of business is to start your search early. Right after you have your venue in place, you will want to get your video and photo needs taken care of post-haste! Like in any line of work, the best are booked early and booked often. You don't want to miss out on your best choice because you procrastinated even a little bit.

As with your other vendors, be sure to seek out referrals.

There's a good reason that word of mouth is so strong a factor in many decisions. People who have worked with a company or have seen their finished product will be able to provide you with an inside view as to how the company will treat you and your mate. Never be afraid to ask around to see if anyone has a videographer that they love! Also, be sure to tap the resources of the vendors you have already booked as they often have very solid professional recommendations based on word of mouth in the industry as well as personal experience working with other companies.

Once you have a few candidates, either found via word of mouth or by searching the web, it's time to get to know your favorites. You've read the reviews and are confident that you have a competent candidate. So, first order of business is to find out, if they are available. Once you have a working list of available candidates, be sure to set up reviews in person so you can get to know them. If you like them in person, chances are good that you'll be getting along with them on the day of your wedding. Once you have your favorite picked up, it's time to get the contract settled and give them their retainer. The rest will take care of itself!

Metro Detroit Videography Suggestions:

Sometimes, a photograph is just not enough. Some folks might wish to make a motion picture out of their wedding ceremony and reception. If this is the case for you, we highly recommend the classy and high quality services offered by metro Detroit's 3rd Street Films. They specialize in the filming and production of the tender moments of your wedding, so that you can relive the experience for years to come. Take a look at their website where you'll find samples and information on how best to contact them.


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