Fondant or Buttercream? Here's what you should pick for your wedding cake!

The age old wedding cake question... What kind of frosting? Well, there's really no wrong answer. Personally, we prefer the smooth & creamy taste of the buttercream frosting. It just tastes better to us. However, if you are a fan of the very fancy and intricate wedding cake designs that are popular these days, you'll definitely want to try steering your wedding cake goals to a fondant frosting which, is firmer and easier to form into delicate and detailed designs. We'd like to add, some folks do prefer the taste of fondant. So, as with most wedding day decisions, this one too comes down to a matter of taste.

Which bakery is best for me?

Well, like all of our other recommendations, we are going to suggest that you tap the resources of the people you know. Ask around for anyone out there who has had personal dealings with a bakery providing any decorative cake for any purpose. You don't necessarily have to limit yourselves to wedding cake specialists here as most bakeries will provide their confectionery artwork for nearly any special occasion. Feel free to cross reference any information you receive with reviews and feedback you can find throughout the web. This will provide you with a good foundation of bakeries to get in touch with when the time comes to get down to the business of picking your perfect baker.

What should I look for?

You want to consider a few things when choosing a bakery for your wedding cake. First of all, we would be remiss if we didn't highly recommend that you request a taste test prior to signing any contract. In the end, you want to ensure that it is tasty above all else. If the taste is good though, you're also going to want to find out a couple other things before making the plunge. First and probably most importantly, how will the cake be delivered to the venue where you'll be having your reception? You want to make sure they are experienced in this regard! Also, be sure, if you are getting a multi-tiered cake of any sort, to get their reassurance that they will be doing the setup at the reception location. These are both very important as you want to be sure your artisan is handling their wares from start to finish. Another point you may wish to inquire about is how long will the cake be made ahead of time. If it sits around for too long, you might not have the freshest cake to enjoy.

Is there anything else?

At this point, it's really down to a few other factors. How you get along with the staff can be very important. You wouldn't want your sweet cake to be marred by a less than savory experience. Cost, obviously, is another factor to consider. Since there are so many different expenses for a wedding day, going over budget in one area can cause a cascade effect in areas that might be more important to you. Once you've made your decision though, you'll want to get a contract in writing and place your down payment... From there, you should be all set!

Metro Detroit Wedding Cake Suggestions:

You're going to want a cake that is as beautiful as it is delicious. We can tell you from experience, that the folks over at Sweet Tooth Bakery in Allen Park can deliver on both counts. They also will bring the cake to the location of your reception, and work with the reception hall folks to set it up in just the right spot. Our dealings with them have found them to be reasonable and reliable. With as hectic and pricey as weddings can get these days, both are welcome in our eyes.


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